My limited edition Folio.

Settembre 15, 2015

As a traditional graphic designer, who’s lived and breathed paper and cardboard,
I always had an idea of CV-and-Folio that not only could tell my experience and skills,
but also that communicate in a glance my vision of design within tangible, concrete boundaries.

Moreover I would to present my CV-and-Folio as a real project, with the aim to satisfy three needs:
To intrigue the reader,
To surprise him,
To let him interact with the media
while demonstrating a different, cross-media approach to the issue.

Almost every skill i have has been stretched to realize this project,
from traditional graphic design to packaging, from craftsmanship to mock-up,
from 3D modelling, rendering and also reverse engineering and 3D printing.

Any comment will be greatly appreciated: me (at) mauropro (dot) info.